Starter Menu

Pickles (V, V+) 2.95
Mediterranean home-made mixed pickles
Makdous (V, V+) 4.20
Steamed baby aubergine stuffed with walnuts, chilli, topped with olive oil & served with chopped onion & tomato
Greek Aubergine (V, V+) 4.30
Deep fried layer aubergine topped with chopped tomato, onion, parsley, garlic and fresh lemon juice
Rustic Olives (V, V+) 2.95
Mediterranean Marinated Mixed Olives
Tabouleh (V, V+) 4.25
Chopped parsley, tomato, onion, crushed wheat, fresh mint, dressed with lemon juice & olive oil
Fattoush (V, V+) 4.10
Mixture of chopped tomato, cucumber, lettuce , spring onion, radish, garlic & parsley, herbs & roasted bread, dressed with balsamic vinegar
Falafel (V, V+) 3.80
Chrushed chickpeas with onion, garlic, mixed herbs & spices & lightly fried (4 pieces)
Cheese Bourak (V) 3.95
Deep fried filo pasty, stuffed with feta cheese & parsley &poppy seeds (2 pieces)
Spinach Fatayer (V, V+) 4.00
Deep fried light home made pastry, stuffed with spinach, pomegranate & walnuts (2 pieces)
Cheese Fatayer (V) 4.00
Home made bread topped with Mediterranean cheese, parsley, herbs, freshly baked (2 pieces)
Grilled Halloumi (V) 4.50
Grilled slices of goat cheese (4 pieces)
Dolmades (V, V+) 3.95
Wrapped wine leaves with rice, tomato, onion and herbs (4 pieces)
Ful Moudames (V, V+) 3.80
Cooked American broad beans, chopped tomato, onion, parsley, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil
Loubieh (V, V+) 3.90
Runner green beans, cooked with onion, garlic and tomato sauce
Ful Makala (V, V+) 3.95
Green broad beans cooked with onion, garlic, coriander and olive oil
Imam Biady (V, V+) 4.25
(Makmour)Fried aubergine, rolled with cooked red pepper, tomato & onion and cooked in tomato sauce
Patata Hara (V, V+) 3.50
Fried diced potatoes, red & green papers, onion, garlic with chilli and coriander

Mains Menu

Moussaka (V) 9.50
Layers of aubergines, potatoes, courgettes, papers, mushrooms and onions, topped with bechamel sauce
Fasoulieh Bizit (V, V+) 7.50
Green beans, onions and garlic in tomato sauce
Halloumi Souvlaki (V) 8.95
Roasted cherry tomatoes in wine vinegar, mixed with chickpeas, lemon juice & parsley to add flavour to grilled halloumi
Tabakh Rawhou (V, V+) 8.95
Fresh aubergines, courgettes, mixed paper, cooked in tomato sauce
Artichoke (V, V+) 8.95
Fresh artichoke stuffed with mixed vegetable, topped with tomato & cooked in special sauce
Bamieh (V, V+) 7.95
Fresh okra cooked with garlic & spices in tomato sauce
Ful Makala (V, V+) 7.50
Broad beans cooked with garlic, spring onions, coriander & special spices
Lentil Feast (V) 7.95
Mixed means slowly cooked with pasta, pomegranate sauce, coriander, topped with fried onion and bread
Malfofe (V, V+) 8.50
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, onion, parsley, tomato & cooked with lemon juice and olive oil
Hommous (V, V+) 3.75
Cooked chicpeas mixed with tahini, garlic & lemon juice
Moutabal (V, V+) 3.90
Grilled aubergine mixed with tahini, garlic & lemon juice
Babaganouje (V, V+) 3.95
Grilled aubergine, chopped tomato, onion, parsley pomegranate sauce with walnuts
Labneh (V) 3.20
Home made strained yoghurt
Biwaz Dip (V, V+) 3.25
Chopped coriander, parsley, onion with chilli and herbs
Shinklish (V) 3.50
Home made spicy soft cheese, served with layer of chopped onion, tomato and parsley
Tzatziki (V) 3.50
Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and fresh mint
Moumahara (V, V+) 4.20
Crushed wheat, walnuts, hot red paper & pomegranate sauce (chilli dip)

Side Dishes

Mujadara Rice (V, V+) 4.00
Rice cooked with lentils and topped with fried onions
Shami Rice (V, V+) 2.00
Rice cooked with vermicelli
Chunky Chips (V, V+) 2.50
French Fries (V, V+) 2.50
Greek Yoghurt (V) 1.50
Basket of Pitta Bread (V, V+) 1.50
Fried Aubergines (V, V+) 3.00

Salad of Damas (V, V+) 3.50
Finely chopped tomato, cucumber, lettuce, parsley dressed with fresh lemon juice & olive oil, mixed with herbs and chilli
Greek Village Salad (V) 4.20
Vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, black olives dressed with virgin olive oil & vinegar with sprinkled oregano & feta cheese
Lebanese Salad (V, V+) 4.00
Chunky salad with mixture of tomato, cucumber, lettuce with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil dressing
Tomato-Onion Salad (V, V+) 3.30
Slices of tomato and onion with herbs, mint dressed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil
Spinach & Yoghurt (V) 3.50
Chopped spinach mixed with Greek yoghurt & grated carrot with herbs

Baklava (V, V+) 3.95
Filo pastry stuffed with pistachio & honey (4 pieces)
Sweet Cheese (V) 3.95
Semolina cooked with cheese & syrup, stuffed with cream cheese, topped with syrup & pistachio
Mouhalbieh (V) 3.95
Milk pudding cooked with blossom water
Turkish Delight (V) 3.95
Traditional Halva (V, V+) 3.95
Made from tahini with sugar & pistachio
Ice Cream (V) 3.95
A selection of Cheshire finest ice cream
Warbat (Walnut or Cream Cheese) (V) 3.95
Filo pastry stuffed with walnuts or cream cheese, baked and cooked with syrup (2 pieces)

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